deploying and running simple webapp (Mule twitter integration)

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deploying and running simple webapp (Mule twitter integration)

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Hi I am newbaby to Mule!!
 I want to run this simple app (receives input from url and post to my twitter account).
I try first deploying it on CloudHub and it works
after that I wanted to try deploying on Tomcat so I created simple webapp using maven and put all required dependences for Maven, set web.xml and mule-config.xml files  and when I go to localhost:8181/easymule-test/sendtweet?tweet=firsttweet it is not working!!

Can someone pls help/explain what is the problem?
than you in advance!!
Here is the flow:

<servlet:inbound-endpoint path="localhost:8181/easymule-test/sendtweet" responseTimeout="10000" doc:name="Servlet"/>

    <logger message="#[message.inboundProperties['http.query.params']['tweet']]" level="INFO" doc:name="Log query string"/>

    <twitter:update-status config-ref="test_ECAccount" status=" #[message.inboundProperties['http.query.params']['tweet']] " doc:name="Twitter"/>

    <logger message="#[payload]" level="INFO" doc:name="Log payload"/>

    <expression-transformer expression="payload.toString()" doc:name="Expression"/>