Release of Saddle v1.0

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Release of Saddle v1.0

saddle integration
Today we officially release version 1.0 of Saddle.

Saddle 1.0 adds the following features to the previous version:
  • Refurbished graphical monitoring - Monitor what you designed the way do designed it
  • Rapid Prototyping - Let Saddle do the work for you
  • Integrated Template Creation - Intuitive and everything at a glance
  • Flow Support - Service components or flows - your choice
  • Support for all Mule Versions and Editions - One tool for all
  • Saddle API - If a complete ESB might be over the top, add direct connectivity to any Java application
  • Explicite HL7 support - MLLP, template libraries for all versions, bidirectional communication via TCP
  • Usability - Faster, easier, more intuitive. Well, you know these buzzwords but here it's true
  • Well documented, completely free of charge and open source

Learn more about the release under this release blog post.

Like always you will find all you need under

Best regards,

The Saddle Team

What is Saddle?
Saddle is an extension for the Mule enterprise service bus (ESB) based on the NetBeans platform.

It adds extended message handling capabilities with universal access to virtually any message format. Saddle can support the needs of advanced ESB developers or provide immediate plug and play results to business analysts with limited programming experience.
A user-friendly, enhanced graphical configuration and monitoring frontend provides information and support to the user exactly where and when it is needed.